shift handle ball head assembly line-凯发k8555

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return list
调整大小 1
compatibility:can be used to assemble 3 types of ball heads
function description:automobile ball head assembly and testing
maintenance:equipment is easy to maintain and spare parts can be directly replaced
application:ball head product assembly

advantage 1

modular with a flexible line design.

this equipment is suitable for assembling and testing three types of ball heads.

advantage 2

assembly precision: /-0.05mm.

all the movable parts use high precision components, hence stability is high with a yield of up to 99%.

advantage 3

includes the installation of adaptive button caps to completely eliminate any manual work.

unified lubricant injection and application to achieve uniform injections of fixed amounts to guarantee product quality. specially designed with a unique assembly line structure

to increase production efficiency to 2 times that of manual production.

advantage 4

equipment automatically generates and saves production reports to facilitate statistics compilation.