cylindrical battery linear injection machine-凯发k8555

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return list
调整大小 园柱电池
dimensions:length 8m, width 2.5m, height 2.5m
compatibility:18650lithium-ion battery
maintenance:provide on-site training, on-site maintenance and after-sales technical support
application range:lithium ion battery

brief description of function

this device is suitable for 18650 cylindrical steel battery automatic vacuum infusion process. in addition, this product enables cylindrical battery flow pull incoming positioning, and has the following features, including automatic weighing on the front of the liquid injection, automatic installation of the battery tray, automatic setting of the cup tooling, automatic seal detection, automatic vacuum infusion, automatic positive pressure stand, automatic cup set tooling, automatic returning to the original bit, weighing after liquid injection, automatic cycle of battery tray, removing unqualified products, automatic flow of qualified products to the next process.

product advantages and features:

the product has features and advantages as follows: high degree of injection fluid automation, high efficiency, using vacuum infusion, vacuum and high pressure cycle static, full electrolyte absorption.