support to defeat covid-凯发k8555

support to defeat covid-19 | bozhon united with ao tuo mei sheng donated mask automatic production equipment solution

in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and meet the needs of equipment production and supply in jiangsu province, bozhon cooperated with aotuomeisheng to develop the solution of mask automatic production equipment which can produce 100,000 to 120,000 masks per day, and donated the equipment drawings for free.

on february 17, 2020, the donation ceremony was successfully held in bozhon park, attended by hu xuetong, deputy director of jiangsu provincial department of industry and information technology, leaders of relevant departments, relevant leaders of bozhon and aotuomeisheng and equipment r&d teams.

"we should not only give full play to the advantages of suzhou automation enterprises, but also promote bozhon, autuomeisheng and other backbone enterprises to form alliances, and actively contribute to the country and automation. hu xuedong, deputy director of jiangsu provincial department of industry and information technology, made guidance and suggestions at the donation ceremony.

at present, the solution has been handed over to the jiangsu provincial department of industry and information technology, and it will be provided free of charge to all cities in the province that need to switch production of mask equipment to use.

work together   take responsibility

the epidemic suddenly hit, the whole country faced the dilemma of masks urgently, mask equipment is also difficult to find. at this time, aotuomeisheng contact bozhon, put forward the idea of joint development of mask high-speed production equipment, for the motherland, for the people to make a contribution, this idea is coincided with bozhon. the two companies set up the engineering team at the first time, 5 capable engineers were selected by aotuomeisheng, and 12 engineers were urgently deployed by bozhon. the joint research and development started from february 3, and it took 3 days and 3 nights to finally complete the solution of automatic mask production equipment, with free donation. this measure will effectively alleviate the current shortage of masks and provide a strong guarantee for the prevention and control of the epidemic.


fight against the epidemic, duty-bound! an epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. as a national automation enterprise, bozhon always care about the motherland, with rapid response and professional delivery for epidemic prevention and control contributions!