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review of the annual meeting | seeking truth and being pragmatic, practicing internal skills and moving forward

2018 has passed quietly, and the new year has arrived. on january 26, bozhon's 2018 annual meeting kicked off. bozhon employees gathered around the theme of the annual meeting of "seeking truth and being pragmatic, practising internal strength, and moving forward".


colorful and splendid awards ceremony, inspiring speeches, splendid program performances, climaxing live draws ... this warm, passionate, and progressive annual meeting will let everyone spend an unforgettable 1.26 together.


speech by chairman

after the wonderful sand painting performance, the chairman of bozhon lv shaolin made a speech. he reviewed the business summary of 2018 and affirmed that bozhon was recognized by the national enterprise technology center in 2018. this is a rare and honorable evaluation, which is inseparable from the efforts and efforts of bozhon. he is confident that the year 2018 will bring new opportunities as well as turbulence at home and abroad.


       looking forward to 2019, bozhon will continue to practice internal work and make rapid development. in the next three years, bozhon will adjust the business layout, in the field of non-standard automation, standard machines, key components, digital software products, intelligent robots and other fields, to provide highly competitive products and services, to the first echelon of the same industry in the world. at the same time, bozhon will build a transparent, fair, efficient operation system that can support the business layout and expansion, continue to carry out in-depth inspection within and outside the province, discuss and refine the core values, and implement the corporate culture into the organizational construction process through the system.

after the speech, the chairman read out the order of bozhon together with the bozhon staff, and played bozhon boxing with colleagues, bowing to show the spirit of bozhon people.


employee recognition

in bozhon, there is such a group of people, they are dedicated, adhere to, they struggle, progress, they stick to their posts, for every progress of bozhon contribution, they are the source of the strength of bozhon, but also the model of order to thank them for their hard work, this year, a total of nine awards were presented, including the ten-year contribution award, outstanding craftsman award, technical innovation award, sales elite award, best new talent award, cultural practice award, best service award, reform and improvement award, and outstanding team award.



charm performance

this year, the performance of the evening party is brilliant, with wonderful dance, beautiful songs, beautiful catwalk, and poetry recitation. we prepared with our hearts and rehearsed hard, and finally presented perfectly on the stage.





the final lucky draw of the annual meeting pushes the atmosphere of the scene to the peak again and again. on the stage and off the cordial interaction, applause, cheers have been rippling in the venue.




be realistic and practical, practice hard, and forge ahead. in the new year, bozhon will continue to uphold the mission of "let our wisdom serve mankind in outer space", "become a world-class enterprise in the sustainable development of equipment manufacturing industry" vision, with our wisdom and innovation ability, live up to our years, go all out, to create greater value!!