beihang-bozhon instrument photoelectric joint innovation research institute and yao junen academician studio settled in wujiang district

on october 26, 2019, the signing and unveiling ceremony of beihang-bozhon instrument optoelectronics joint innovation institute and academician yao junen studio was held in wujiang district.



li ming, deputy secretary and district chief of wujiang district committee; fan jianlong, member of the standing committee of wujiang district committee, deputy secretary of the party working committee of wujiang development zone and deputy director of the administrative committee; qi zhenyu, deputy district chief of wujiang district and other district leaders; yao junen, academician of the chinese academy of engineering, beihang university; chen qiang, deputy director of the key laboratory of the ministry of education/professor of the school of physics; tang pengxiang, director of the intellectual property transfer office of the institute of science and technology; pan jun-hua, academician of chinese academy of engineering, soochow university;lv shaolin, chairman of bozhon, tang aiquan, the project leader, and zhu jiangbing from beijing institute of technology attended the meeting. the meeting was presided over by qi zhenyu, deputy head of wujiang district.


"thanks to bozhon for joining the development of electron microscopy and the support of the wujiang district government and beihang university for the development of china's electron microscope." academician yao junen expressed his sincere gratitude at the conference. in the history of development, the electron microscope is an instrument and equipment of great significance to the development of the country. he hopes that all project personnel can start with the quality of a screw, step by step, do the work well, continue to improve in production, and make substantial progress; give play to their respective advantages, joint research, and china electron microscope the development of the climax.


academician pan junhua felt a lot after visiting bozhon, he said, the beginning from a machine, in a short span of more than ten years, the development to the present the scale is very not easy, so it can be seen that, the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder is very strong and firm, he felt that made both the right thing to do is mainly: one is the correct target selection, and the correct guiding ideology. he used an example to illustrate the profound truth that if there is no core technology, one will fall behind and be beaten. and the correct guiding principle is to put the enterprise in the first place, not to make money in the first place, only in this way can make the business. this cooperation shows that bozhon is a visionary company, and he hopes that the innovation institute and studio can achieve outstanding achievements in the future.




"the establishment of beihang-bozhon instrument optoelectronics joint innovation research institute and academician yao junen's studio is another solid measure for the innovation and clustering of cooperation between wujiang hospitals and enterprises, and it is also an important initiative proposed by the district committee and government to create an innovation lake area. the embodiment of beihang university is the premier aerospace institute. academicians yao and pan are scientists who are devoted to the research of electron microscopes and have made many contributions and achievements. the district committee and government will fully support the construction and development of beihang-bozhon instrument optoelectronics joint innovation research institute and academician yao junen's studio, and promote the best quality service and all-round guarantee for the project. i hope that the two parties can give full play to their respective advantages. accelerate the construction of the innovation platform in an all-round way, realize the development and industrialization of high-tech products such as electron microscopes as soon as possible, and jointly build the top domestic innovation research and development base and industrial cluster. he also hopes to have wider and deeper cooperation with beihang through this project and make contributions to the national strategy.




"the establishment of beihang-bozhon instrument photoelectric joint innovation research institute and yao junen academician studio is a great event for bozhon. it is the beginning of in-depth cooperation between beihang and bozhon and wujiang district, especially in the field of instrument photoelectric. electron microscope is a kind of sophisticated instrument with high magnification and ultra-high resolution (a-e) characteristics, which uses electron beam as light source and electromagnetic field as lens. the research and product development of the technology innovation of electron microscope in this cooperation has important strategic and market significance for enterprises and even the country, and a new upstream and downstream industrial chain will be formed in wujiang in the future. lv shaolin chairman of bozhon said, he is full of confidence in this cooperation.


beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics is the first institution of higher learning in the field of aeronautics and astronautics in new china. bozhon has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent manufacturing for many years. it is a national enterprise technology center and a national industrial design center. it has abundant market and xcellent customer resources.this cooperation adopts the mode of enterprise-led, government-guided and supported, school-enterprise joint innovation and achievement transformation, combines the advantages of both sides, focuses on the technological innovation and breakthrough of electron microscope, and puts into production and industrialization.


electron microscope is widely used in biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, metallurgy and other modern scientific fields as well as in industry and agriculture. it has become an indispensable powerful tool and support in modern science and technology. it is of great strategic and market significance for enterprises and even countries to carry out technological innovation research and product development of electron microscope.

mr. yao junen, academician of the chinese academy of sciences (cas) and deputy director and researcher of the beijing electron microscope laboratory, and chief scientist of the department of space and space exploration science and technology of the national laboratory of aeronautical science and technology.

in the future, yao junen academicians as technology leader, bozhon will  corporate  with  chun-xi zhang, professor at the school of beihang instrument science and optoelectronic engineering college, relying on the ministry of education micro-nano, measurement and control and low dimensional physics key laboratory in buaa ultramicroscopic technology based on research results, make full use of buaa technology and talent reserves, using "introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation", under the government's strong support, traction advantage units at home and abroad and interdisciplinary cutting-edge talent, adopt the method of overall tracking, local innovation to implement the high electron microscope of independent development and product research and development, make better high-tech achievements to fall to the ground and transformation, contribute to the innovation and development of photoelectric instrument field!