bozhon participated in the fifth suzhou comprehensive production safety law enforcement practice competition-凯发k8555

bozhon participated in the fifth suzhou comprehensive production safety law enforcement practice competition

from june 23 to 24, 2020, the 5th suzhou comprehensive work safety law enforcement exercise competition opened. contestants from 10 sectors of emergency management gathered together to strengthen their skills in the competition and strengthen the defense line of work safety. as a hundred safety demonstration enterprises in wujiang, bozhon participated in the demonstration.


this year's law enforcement competition focuses on precise law enforcement, focusing on such key aspects as hot work, high-altitude work, electrical work, dust related to explosion, storage of dangerous goods, emergency rescue and labor protection, etc., providing a platform for the exchange of experience for the law enforcement workers in the city's work safety. the competition is divided into two parts: knowledge theory examination and on-site law enforcement practice. each contestant in the competition to give full play to the spirit of teamwork, unity and hard work, the final team award, individual award, individual award and other awards.


the product on display is bo shi jie intelligent mobile chassis and indoor security robot. these two products can provide safety protection in indoor and outdoor fields.

bo shi jie intelligent mobile chassis is a small and medium-sized scalable mobile robot chassis for indoor applications such as elimination, distribution, inspection, etc.


indoor security robot can not only provide high-definition panoramic video monitoring and efficient video analysis function to assist security personnel to complete patrol work, but also provide guidance, guidance, advertising and other reception services. day reception, night security, a dual - use, versatility is its important value.


it is the bounden duty and obligation of every enterprise to build up the defense line of safe production. bozhon always rings the alarm bell of safe production and provides support and protection for the safety of society and country with the power of science and technology!