bozhon won the title of "china's top 10 robot integrators (3c industry) in 2020"-凯发k8555

bozhon won the title of "china's top 10 robot integrators (3c industry) in 2020"

on july 1, 2020, the "kent 2020(third) high-tech robot integrator conference and top ten integrator award ceremony" held by high-tech robot was successfully concluded at hyatt regency shenzhen airport. bozhon was invited to participate in this grand ceremony and won the title of "china's top ten robot integrator 2020 (3c industry)".


(second from right: representatives of the bozhon go on stage to accept the award)


the aim of this project is to display the latest achievements of advanced technology, intelligent products and solutions in china's manufacturing industry, and fully interpret the development trend of china's advanced manufacturing industry.

with the accelerated pace of china's manufacturing industry, bozhon keeps moving forward with its professional technology and strong r&d strength, and this award is also the recognition of the whole industry for bozhon's technology and service.

to provide diversified solutions and services for the 3c industry

bozhon 3c industry solution display

01small piece quick placement equipment

the small piece fast paste and release equipment adopts multi-head smt standard machine design, high-speed smt, uph 1400 ~ 1800pcs/hour, the software has spc data statistical analysis function, dynamic compensation of reinspection results, adjustable pipeline width, compatible with different feeding methods, the equipment does not stop for feeding, with high yield, high flexibility, high efficiency and other advantages.

02high frequency pulse hot pressing welding equipment

high frequency pulse hot pressing welding equipment is equipped with accurate closed-loop pressure and temperature control system, pressure control precision / _0.1kgf, temperature control precision /_3, pipeline width adjustable, pressure head position x/y adjustable, compatible with vehicle layout, high flexibility, strong extension.


03air tightness test equipment

air tightness test equipment is four-station test equipment (can be customized or integrated according to customer requirements), adopts standardized and modular design, equipment test accuracy & lt;0.0001 sccm, repeatability & lt;0.001 sccm, low cost, high precision, strong stability, suitable for the current market mainstream 3c wearable product waterproof function test.

04 riveting machine

riveting machine size is small, riveting speed is fast, average riveting a nail 1.35s, repeatability ≤0.01mm, suitable for notebook, keyboard and other riveting process rivets.


05button battery appearance detection equipment

button battery appearance detection equipment adopts double-channel linear multi-station structure, deep learning artificial intelligence algorithm, all-round detection, accuracy up to 0.01mm, suitable for detection of folds, upwelling, bubbles, scratches and other items.

06lithium battery 2d and 3d detection equipment

the 2d and 3d detection equipment of lithium battery adopts turntable design to reduce material time. the large-target camera high-definition double teleconferencing lens ensures omm dimensional accuracy and wide versatility, and can be compatible with a variety of battery products.

07notebook 2d and 3d detection equipment

the 2d and 3d detection equipment of notebook uses line laser to replace the traditional point laser, with higher accuracy and faster speed. the gold tower calibration block is used to splicing the point cloud after multiple scanning. the splicing precision can reach within 0.01mm, and it is compatible with notebook products of different sizes of 13,15,17 inches.

bozhon has been deeply engaged in the 3c field and combined with the automation characteristics of 3c electronic industry to provide customers with easy-to-use, high-precision, cost-effective solutions to help customers solve the industry pain points.

in the future, bozhon will continue to focus on the industry, deepen the process, expand the scope of products and services, excavate and cultivate core competitiveness, and continue to provide customers with valuable products and services!