bozhon 2020 vision china (shanghai) exhibition closed successfully-凯发k8555

bozhon 2020 vision china (shanghai) exhibition closed successfully

vision china (shanghai) was hold at the national convention and exhibition center (shanghai) from july 5 to july 7, 2020. the exhibition attracted more than 3,000 exhibitors with a scale of 160,000 square meters. as a member of the visual alliance, bozhon appeared with its various products and successfully closed the exhibition, laying a good start for this year's exhibition.



a number of visual exhibits appeared together to explore the development trend of the industry

the development of machine vision is inseparable from the development of cutting-edge science and technology. bozhon has always been fast adapting to the change of internal and external environment, complying with the trend of technological revolution and industrial revolution, strengthening the research and development of technology and integration, and providing efficient and valuable visual products for the market.

in this exhibition, six products including 3d camera, mobile phone appearance detection equipment, cr100 code reading camera, dlp projector, deepai intelligent software and 400 million pixel camera were exhibited, covering a number of applications in the visual field and providing all-round visual scheme support.

3d camera


3d cameras are suitable for detection and measurement scenes with micron precision. combined with the industrial projector optimized for structural light technology and equipped with the industrial stereo camera, it achieves high resolution and high precision measurement and has extremely high measurement stability.


the compact structure design of mobile phone appearance detection equipment can realize the comprehensive detection of 360 degrees without dead angle. excellent optical design, multiple combination light source can achieve the best imaging effect; its advanced software and image processing algorithm can stably detect pixel-level defects. the deep learning method can also be used to detect and classify defects, which can greatly reduce the misjudgment rate.

cr-100 code reading camera is an automatic focus reader, which can read a variety of bar codes or two-dimensional codes at the same time, with high efficiency and fast reading speed, widely used in pipeline, storage, logistics, printing and other occasions.

the industrial projection module based on the dlp micromirror chipset is suitable for solutions requiring programmable high speed optical graphics.

the industrial projection module based on the dlp micromirror chipset is suitable for solutions requiring programmable high speed optical graphics.


mos chip with 1.1 inch target surface and 12 megapixel camera with cameralink interface is adopted. the highest frame rate is 67 frames.

in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, intelligent manufacturing has become the commanding height and the main direction for all countries to seize development opportunities. the field of vision is also an important part of intelligent manufacturing. bozhon is willing to work together with more industry partners to build rich and diverse visual field solutions to help china become a world manufacturing power.