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new bozhon product coming

at 2:00 pm on november 7 during the 19th china international industry fair held at the national exhibition and convention center (shanghai), bozhon launched a conference on the theme of "digital factory" to release new -3c product digital factory integrated solution. this is the latest research from bozhon intelligent manufacturing project team, which has set up an automation, information and visualization digital factory demonstration project from the mobile terminal (e-commerce platform, wechat, etc.) to the product delivery.


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(conference site)

through the internet technology and information technology, 3c product digital factory integrated solution helps enterprises to know the whole process from real-time orders to the product delivery, which helps rapid response to specialized customer needs. through the integration with the equipment controlling, this solution collects real-time data of production process to optimize the allocation of production resources. this solution also constructs automated producing system and information managing system, providing basic platform and technical support services for enterprises to realize digitization or even intellectualization


(3c product digital factory integrated solution)

based on the technical advantages of automated manufacturing platform, bozhon realize automated production and automated logistics and warehousing. information enterprise management is applied to achieve digital decision-making operation. improving the feedback and execution system with management technology and digitally rebuilds and integrates it. then finally forms automated and digital enterprise ecosystem. it is reported that this set of production lines can save labor costs of about 1.3 million rmb a year after being put into use. at the same time, as logistics operations are becoming more and more automated and intelligent, annual logistics costs can be saved by about 150,000 rmb

at the conference, in order to better help customers to experience convenient and intelligent services, bozhon launched tsamo software platform. after registering successfully in tsamo software platform, customers can choose the product type on the platform according to their own product demand. this also supports personalized laser lettering content service, and the products can be directly ordered after the products are customized. then the customer can view the order generation and progress in real time on the platform. tsamo software platform supports pc and mobile terminal, which worth mentioning is that customers can book the visit on pc-side. then the platform will make out a reasonable visit schedule for saving customers’ time. meanwhile, after the product customization finished on pc terminal, customers can directly scan the two-dimensional code to order. in the interactive session, the audience and the media not only saw the intelligent operation of bozhon, but also experienced the tsamo software platform. the experience of "live demo practical operation" pushed the live atmosphere to the climax.


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    bozhon precision industry technology co. ltd is engaged in one line of business, the development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service of intelligent manufacturing system solution specializing in automation jigs and equipment cells, automation production line and smart factory. in order to meet customer demands from different industry, bozhon will provide the most competitive products and services by integrated the technologies of motion control, image processing, laser measurement, mechanical hand, precision pasting and precision compression to coincide with the software system. except the competitive products and services, bozhon has the dedication, pragmatic spirit of enterprise and open-mindedness to stand in the forefront of the industry over the years.  bozhon involves in being the leader of “intelligent manufacturing in china, and making public to experience the intelligent application of efficient and convenient intelligence.


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