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project background

a leading household appliance enterprise of particular brand plans to build a smart factor of air conditioner internal/external units in nansha, guangzhou, which is the first one in china.  based on combination of automation and information technology, this factory will operate in a system that features transparent production, intelligent logistics, mobile management and data-based decision making so as to realize a digitalized factor characterized by internal/external interconnection, virtual and real interconnection as well as customized and flexible manufacturing.

solution implementation

auto lead-in

the automatic production line of air conditioner external unit consists of seven sections: unit assembly 1, unit assembly 2, unit assembly 3, excavator detection, unit operation inspection, unit package and overhead logistics. the whole project uses more than 100 mechanical arms, more than 5000 sensors and nearly 500 patents. 

materials are transported and delivered by agv trolley on the ground, and are dispatched by the central scheduling monitor room to achieve real-time monitor of all material loading stations.


information-based lead-in

chip and modularized system integration minimizes variance of the client's original system,improves compatibility with standard data interaction and reduce maintenance work in subsequent stage.

lead into tsamo -c2ims platform from enterprise level, management level, operation level, control level and field level to achieve information integration of the whole system.

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results of solution implementation

space planning, automatic line body transformation, overhead logistics and information management platform have reduced c.t by 20%, increased logistics turnover rate by 25%, reduced overall operational cost by 50%, improved automation degree of production line by 70%, and raise space utilization by at least 30% and overall automation rate by 60%.

big data technology provides data basis for operation decisions of enterprise.