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调整大小 锂电池pack自动化生产线



can produce 2 types of products.

function description:

the electric core module into the box, water box fixed installation, electric control system installation, wiring and testing, collecting copper installation box of electric performance testing, box cover, box, air tightness testing box weighing test, product labels affixed

maintenance:simple maintenance of equipment and direct replacement of spare parts

assembly, inspection and packaging of pack


the product carrier can be replaced, suitable for production for different products

the tooling is designed for quick change, with simple replacement and high efficiency

real-time performance

during the tightening process, torque and displacement are monitored in real time, image error proofing and leak detection in copper wire harness and installation, ensure the quality of products

using andon system, it can monitor the equipment movement process in real-time.


using mes system, combined with laser coding, rfid technology, tracking the production data of each product.