battery module automation production line-凯发k8555

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调整大小 电芯模组自动化生产线
dimensions :41m*5.5m
compatibility :

can produce 2 types of products.

efficiency :200ppm
function description:

scan, code, plasma cleaning, grade sorting, adhesive tape, tearing film, resistance welding, laser welding, insulation test, function test and laser marking are carried out on the core

application :

assembly and inspection for electric core modular



by replacing the product carrier and changing work procedures, suitable for the production of different products

the tooling is designed for quick change, with simple replacement and high efficiency


real-time performance

when welding the product, correct orientation of the head by ccd and laser ranging sensor; in pressing and tightening process respectively for real-time monitoring of the stress and displacement, torque and displacement, ensure the quality of products




using mes system, combined with laser coding, rfid technology, tracking the production data of each product