gas spring welding line-凯发k8555

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return list
dimensions:5.00m*5.00m*2.80m(长 * 宽 * 高)
compatibility:compatible with 16-2 series, all products with lengths ranging from 80 to 420mm
efficiency:the average production capacity is 20,000 per day, the production cycle is 3.5s, and the pass rate is 99.5%.
function:automatic feeding, automatic cleaning of the inner wall of the cylinder tube, automatic detection of threaded joints, automatic welding
maintenance:cleaning poles per shift
application:automotive electronics industry

flexible design

the equipment is compatible with the production of 16-2 series of different lengths, only need to input the length of the product to automatically switch the program production.

high efficiency

the use rate is high, the customer has two shifts per day, 10 hours per shift, and the average rate of utilization is 95%.

low risk

the customer's limited production is all manual feeding, manual welding, employees often pinch the fingers; the size is not detected, the cleaning is all manual. our equipment uses robots instead of labor, all automatic cleaning and testing, which avoids the possibility of employee injury and improves product quality.


the equipment welding data and test data are all stored and uploaded to the mes system to provide data support for future improvements.