automatic testing station for scissor jack-凯发k8555

vehicle electronics > automatic testing station for scissor jack

return list
dimensions:2.20m*2.35m*2.30m(l* w * h)
main process:it can realize automatic detection of scissor jack, low detection of jack, high point detection, holding test, automatic wheel wrench, automatic labeling, visual inspection
maintenance:provide on-site training, on-site maintenance and after-sale support
application:inspection of vehicle jack products

high precision, short beat, high return on investment

the accuracy is as high as 0.02mm, and the beat is as low as 8s/pcs, which is 4 times higher than the traditional manual production line, and the return on investment is considerable.

product tracing

personalized visual interface, data key export, through the finished product surface two-dimensional code, can realize holographic tracing.

high stability and good production rate up to 99%

achieves zero failure, good product consistency, and finished product yield of up to 99%.

simulation test of extreme condition

limit test of jack with high and low position and maximum pressure to ensure product quality meet customer needs.