worm steering motor gear box assembly equipment-凯发k8555

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return list
dimensions:4.50m*4.30m*2.50m(l * w * h)
compatibility:can produce 3 types of products
main process:automobile steering gear motor and gear box screw assembly equipment mainly complete motor and gearbox scavenging, motor o ring and connector assembly and testing, motor oil coating, motor and gearbox assembly, and automatic screw setting
maintenance:carry out the red and green test regularly, clean up the scraps on the tooling every day, and check the temperature of the electric control box to see if the air-conditioner is working properly
application:automotive power steering gear assembly

high efficiency

takes 15 seconds, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the product.

360 degree rotary oiling can achieve quantitative and uniform injection, ensuring product quality.the eight workstations on the turntable are installed at the same time, reducing the waiting time of manual operation for each process. the assembly efficiency is about 6 times than manual labor.

design of turntable single machine

the stand-alone equipment can be compatible with the assembly of three kinds of products. later, it can also add various products to assemble according to the process, thus reducing the cost of one device for each product.

avoid industrial accidents

the eight stations of the equipment are partitioned with partitions, and prevent the operator from clamping when working.