charging pile equipment-凯发k8555

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return list
dimensions:5.30m*7.50m*3.30m(l*w*h) 3 standard parking spaces
compatibility:new energy vehicles of dongfeng series
efficiency:2.5 min/set, integrated power change time is less than 5min
function:new energy car charging, changing power
maintenance:provides a full range of equipment operations, equipment maintenance, maintenance training and after-sales support
scope:new energy vehicle charging and switching industry

modular design

1.the equipment is divided into four parts: the power exchange platform, the lifting device, the charging bin and the rgv changing robot.

2.the equipment is equipped with independent charging compartments, which are located on both sides of the power exchange platform and can work independently. the advantage is that if one side is faulty and the equipment can continue to work on the other side.

3.set two sets of power-changing system, the highlight is: one side outputs the removed empty battery; the other side inputs the fully charged battery; synchronous action, greatly receiving the power-changing time.

automated power change system

1.wireless interaction: the wireless exchange robot and the wireless communication network are adopted, and the interaction profile is reliable.
2.intelligent and efficient: the vehicle attitude is automatically corrected and positioned. the power-changing process is fully automatic and unattended, with one-button power change. and reliable: multi-point installation protection, closed-loop control system and dual-station design, reliable and safe operation.

comprehensive monitoring system

1.centralized monitoring: integrated control and management system integrating power distribution, charging, power exchange and energy storage to achieve comprehensive operation monitoring and operation management only.
2.unified management: the system covers management functions such as customer, battery, billing, operation and maintenance, assets and services, and realizes station-level integrated management.
3.multi-interaction: the system can operate independently or access the operating platforms at all levels to realize interaction and information sharing between people, vehicles, stations and operators, power grids and government management departments.

intelligent charging system

1.sharing compatibility: combination of charging and replacing, power sharing, full coverage of output voltage, flexible configuration of charging power, and smooth upgrade of supporting capacity. and ordered: with dynamic power distribution function, it can realize coordinated control of ordered charging and avoid impact on the power grid. and reliable: use modular design, all-round floating electrical connection technology and four-level safety protection system to improve equipment operation reliability.