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system introduction

   as the window of the digital factory, dicc integrates all information flows of information-based software system to project production status onto the spliced display in a special manner. combined with real-time dispatch function of compute on control panel, it can be used for allocation and management of various production resources to realize real-time dispatch and monitoring of the factory.

bozhon possesses a stereoscopic solution system integrating technology, design and implementation. it can provide full-range service for customers, including data acquisition, data integration and analysis, kpi management and interface design.


data integration

 dicc integrates, consolidates and selects data acquired real-time by all information systems of the factory to produce valid data of management value. these data cover all process steps of the entire producton loop, including business order, production plan, field management, quality management and finished products warehousing, and create a complete ecological system of production operation and management. dicc can also present a graphic display of data after statistical analysis with modern management theory.

interface ui

  following an intuitive, stereoscopic and conspicuous principle of design, the billboard data enable users to focus on key indicators through warning colors. the 3d panorama virtual modeling technology that features dynamic simulation can provide users with best ui interface experience.


real-time scheduling

the dynamic billboard based on real-time workshop data gives synchronous production status in workshop. when a workshop needs resource dispatch, equipment needs maintenance and plan needs upgrading, the billboard will upgrade data to relevant status and can intelligently remind manager of prompt disposal. decisions made based on data are always the best decisions. 

visit exhibition can increase an enterprise’s brand value

dicc gives an intuitive picture of the factory’s digital capabilities and represents the first impression of users about the factory. digital dicc can be a regular channel for customer, partners and government officials to visit the factory, as it shows the strong operational capability and transparent product quality management of the enterprise. therefore, it can further enhance the brand value and commercial influence of the enterprise. 


stability and safety

the system is composed of professional display and modularized display hardware, featuring continuous operation for 7*24h because it is equipped with professional network data safety solution to prevent illegal theft of the enterprise’s sensitive data.