smart pharmacy-凯发k8555

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return list

dimensions:4.5m * 1.3m * 2.7m
compatibility:compatible with long * wide * high 15mm to 170mm pill box
efficiency:10-20s/order (depending on order status) error-free drug management
function:the drug automatically identifies the location and put it in place, automatically recognizes the drug.
maintenance:simple equipment maintenance and direct replacement of spare parts
scope:pharmaceutical industry

flexible storage

the size of the storage space is not fixed, and the size of the drug is automatically adjusted. the same column can store different id drugs to achieve optimal use of inventory.

automatic inventory

the automatic disk library automatically splits and merges the drug products when idle, maximizes the use of the inventory space, and optimizes the placement of the drug with the validity period to achieve the efficiency of drug delivery.

visual management,

monitoring the flow of drugs through the whole process of the image, the database records the drug entry records, and realizes the comprehensive supervision of the entire warehouse.