focus on smart manufacturing,
take technological innovation as the core,
create industry development.

bozhon 's core mission is to apply technological innovations and create industry development for smart manufacturing, based in china, serving the global market. bozhon is dedicated to create an overall solution for a digital factory, utilizing industrial automation equipment, automatic production line, automation jigs, intelligent warehousing logistics, information devices, and total system integration. the scope of bozhon's business includes consumer electronics, automobile, new energy, and others. to accommodate the unique demands of different customers, we provide competitive product and services by integrating the technology of automated control, image processing, laser technology, industrial robotics, information technology, precision smt and pressing, and a combination of software development platforms. 

support the development of “made in china 2025”

support "industry 4.0"

after more than 10 years of accumulation of technology and as a solutions and services provider to digital factory systems, bozhon has built 10 industry engineering teams with more than 1000 r&d engineers, annually invested around 12% of sale on r&d, obtained more than 1,100 valid authorized patents, manufactured nearly 30,000 units of automated equipment creating 200 sets of automatic production lines, used more than 5000 industrial robots, and successfully built several digital factories. bozhon, with its focused and pragmatic spirit, supports the development of “made in china 2025” and will always trek forward with a pioneering and innovating attitude.


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