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tenth in jiangsu province and fourth in suzhou, bozhon continues to strengthen independent innovation capability

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recently, the "2022 jiangsu private enterprise innovation top 100" was published. bozhon (688097), a listed company on the science and technology board, was ranked tenth in jiangsu province and fourth in suzhou. the list was jointly published by jiangsu federation of industry and commerce and the provincial institute of science and technology development strategy.

bozhon was established in 2006 as a technology-driven company focusing on research, development and innovation. constructed with an r&d center and production base of 400,000 square meters, it specializes in the field of industrial equipment manufacturing. the business focuses on consumer electronics, digital new energy, key components, high-end equipment and ai robotics.

as a technology-driven enterprise, bozhon has been investing significantly in research and development for several years. rmb 402 million was spent on research and development in 2021, and the ratio of research and development investment to operating revenue was 12.07%. in the first half of this year, the company invested rmb 250 million in r&d, and the ratio of r&d investment to operating revenue was 17.45%. it is known that the top 100 innovation companies, the proportion of r&d investment in 2021 reached 3.7%, while bozhon is significantly higher than this level.

on the basis of continuous investment in research and development, bozhon has obtained 2,140 patents as at 30 june 2022, including 981 invention patents. with abundant technical reserves, the company has gradually built up the technical advantages of its products and established a good reputation in the industry. the company has a highly qualified hardware, software and mechanical engineering research and development team, with a total of 1,808 technical and research and development staff, accounting for 33.10% of the company's total staff.

the previous business development of bozhon was focused on the automation and digital equipment sector, mainly in the industry chain of global consumer electronics giants.

the customers it serves are top international consumer electronics brands, whose products are known for their difficult manufacturing processes, high precision requirements and design leadership.

bozhon has been deeply involved in the automation and digital equipment industry for many years, and its advanced technology has enabled it to win the long-term favour of its high-quality customers, and it has also accumulated rich experience and capabilities in the development of automation and digital equipment in this field.

bozhon has already developed strong technological advantages in industrial automation and digitalization underlying technology, and the company has been committed to actively applying its technological development advantages to more fields in the past few years.

after the consumer electronics sector, bozhon intends to continue to invest resources in the development of new energy sources in order to create another growth pole for its main business.

in recent years, the new energy vehicle industry has experienced rapid development, and the demand for lithium-ion equipment and power exchange equipment has been rapidly released.

for example, the power exchange mode has the advantages of fast energy replenishment, low initial purchase cost and high battery utilization. bozhon has taken the lead in the field of power exchange stations by utilizing its years of experience in automation and digital equipment, and has provided fully automated power exchange stations for , which proposed the power exchange mode, and has a first-mover advantage in the field of power exchange stations.

these forward-looking layouts are bringing a steady stream of orders for the company.

it is worth mentioning that, according to the directional issuance plan being promoted by bozhon, it is proposed to invest rmb 22,508.98 million to build a new r&d centre, construct advanced laboratories, introduce high-precision r&d and testing equipment, actively carry out r&d of new products and technologies, including semiconductor equipment, and comprehensively consolidate its technological advantages in the industry.

at present, the world is experiencing the biggest change in a century, and the integrity and security of the semiconductor industry chain, which is a key component of electronic information, has been raised to a national and industry strategic level.

in the field of automation equipment, semiconductor equipment is one of the areas with the highest technology intensity, the largest market demand, the fastest market growth rate and the strongest demand for localization.

with a noble sense of mission and a strong sense of responsibility to contribute to the manufacturing power strategy, bozhon utilizes its existing experience in consumer electronics testing equipment to improve testing accuracy by further refining image recognition algorithms, optical module design and grassroots technologies such as image recognition and combined light source illumination, which can cut into the semiconductor equipment field relatively quickly and help localization replacement.

through two years of technical research, bozhon has completed an aoi semiconductor inspection equipment prototype and has been practical in the relevant manufacturers. it is foreseeable that bozhon will play a growing role on the road of localization of semiconductor equipment, with its continuous increase in independent innovation.

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