bozhon group is dedicated to mutual development and value creation by both the employees and the company. in early stage since its incorporation, the group focused on building a dual-channel (managerial and professional) career development platform to meet the need of employee’s self-development, and provided training programs and other opportunities necessary to promote employees’ career development. all these actions are aimed to aid employees in self-orientation and achieve personal career development goals.
talents are a driving force for the company’s sustainable development. to meet the needs of both the employees’ and the company’s sustainable development, training programs are composed of induction training and in-service training to ensure arrangement of employees’ career development since their entry. in addition, the training programs have taken in some external training contents to enrich internal training materials, such as receiving further education, mouth-to-ear instruction, case study, panel discussion and e-learning. this integrated training system is sufficient to guarantee employees’ career development and job promotion.



corporate culture

let our wisdom serve the human race in outer space; focus on automation, keep foothold in china and serve the whole world; strive for excellence and win-win harmony; implementing the corporate philosophy of “never making excuses for unaccomplished tasks” in all aspects of corporate governance is also the first lesson for all new employees.

interview by general manager

all new employees may talk face to face with the chairman about issues that employees may care most about, including corporate development, organizational structure, cooperation, job intention and the management’s expectation.

environment and integration

during induction training, new employees need to acquaint with the work environment and workmates.


special lecture

the company offers special lectures from time to time on psychological knowledge to care about employees’ mental health.

experience sharing

another move taken by bozhon towards the learning culture is to summarize, sublimate and accumulate valuable experiences.

patents published

the company encourages employees to make innovation, and assists employees in patent application, which is used as key factors for employees’ professional skill evaluation.


bozhon articles digest

comprises excellent digests of the industry or bozhon’s spot news.

bozhon encyclopedia

q&a, an internal treasury of knowledge of bozhon.

scripture library

embrace all experiences and know-hows accumulated for years.


personnel management

develop management capability programs, such as incentive, tutoring and situational leadership.

operation management

including business management programs, such as finance management, supply chain management, client management and sales management.

special case counseling

the company provides a variety of global exchange programs.



including time management, pressure management and computer skill training to help employees improve their skills.

work management

training courses for management by objectives, presentation skill, problem analysis and solution.

personal interaction

enhance interpersonal communication by carrying out military training, outdoor training, team tour and games at the annual meeting.