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return list
dimensions:5.80*2.40*2.50m ( l * w * h)
efficiency:1200pcs/h,production beat:≦3s,pass rate:99.5%

the transmission mode after large cutting, there should be no loose film during the movement; the removal of large pieces of waste and the horizontal and vertical smashing method and the removal of the waste piece; ensuring that the product has no ash point, chipping, falling off, fragmentation; small piece conveying method and cymbal piece way; small piece of bait and waste removal; small piece of bait positioning and presence or absence; automatic connection, docking back end washing machine; equipment beat 3s/pcs

maintenance:daily maintenance, after-sales service, etc.
application:cell phone glass

wide compatibility, high precision and easy operation

using the robot for cymbal, camera positioning and detection, the cymbal is more stable, the compatibility is wide, the precision is high, the operation is simple, and only simple maintenance is required on a regular basis.
the small splitting platform uses precision modules and servos for feeding. the precision is high. the platform uses the whole board processing, and the flatness and parallelism are high. it has wide compatibility with products and does not cause quality problems such as loose film, falling film and scratch.

high efficiency

after the equipment replaces the manual, no operator is required, and the quality and productivity of the control product can be automatically loaded with the back-end docking equipment. the production capacity is 1200pcs/h, and the production cycle is ≦3s.


all actions are done by the robot, avoiding the risk of transiting the product.

one-click switching function, convenient and fast

the suction cup is designed according to the size of the customer's product. when different models are needed, the suction cup and the bait nozzle need to be replaced, and the quick change design is made. others are not adjusted and not replaced when the change is made, and the one-key switching function is realized, which is convenient and quick.