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调整大小 气密性测试设备
dimensions:0.5*0.55*1.0m(l * w * h)
compatibility:compatible with tests of different airtightness for a variety of products
efficiency:adjustable by customers’ needs of different pressure-holding time
functions:test the waterproofness and airtightness of products
maintenance:provide site training and after-sale technical support
scope:applicable widely to 3c products

wide range of application

applicable widely to airtightness and waterproofness tests for 3c industry, no matter semi-finished products, partial products, or complete products.


great airtightness

be sealed with specially shaped silica gel to ensure great airtightness. the airtightness level is adjustable and customizable by different needs of customers. now, the airtightness can be ensured 100m down in water.


simple operation

with different pressure values and pressure-holding time to simulate water depth, there is no need to test products directly into water. touch screen display information with simple and clear interface.