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system introduction

tsamo system platform is development platform of warehouse management system. the wms system (hereinafter “t-wms system”) can achieve seamless joint with upper systems such as erp and mes and interaction between basic data and business data, and can also realize control and data extraction of conveying devices such as stacker, hoister and conveyor so as to provide reference to equipment maintenance.


diferences comparison

comparison of traditional wms system and t-wms system

traditional wms system

t-wms system

long development period and high cost due to re-development of all programs

short development period and low cost due to modularized standard development.

only support single database version

support multi-version database, such as sql server, oracle, mysql and sqlite.

billboard displays words, dull and boring, unable to timely remind operator of exception handling

billboard gives voice message so vividly that operator can be immediately informed of exceptions.

upon completion of development, users will not be allowed to alter choice.

multiple choices are available for users to select at any time and place.

cannot extract data from conveying devices or make no analysis after data extraction.

completely monitor the equipment; acquire and analyze data to provide sufficient basis for equipment maintenance.