air tightness test fixture-凯发k8555

test > air tightness test fixture

return list
compatibility:suitable for a variety of sports bracelets, watchs, and different air tightness strength tests
efficiency:adjust according to customer's different pressure holding time requirements
functions:waterproof performance (air tightness) test
maintenance:provide on-site training and after-sales technical support
scope:widely applicable to 3c industry products

wide application range                      

widely applicable to air tightness and waterproof test in 3c industry, whether it is a customer's semi-finished products, partial or complete machine, all can be tested.


good sealing effect                      

the product is sealed with special profile silicone to ensure good air tightness. the air tightness level can be adjusted or customized according to different requirements of customers.

easy to use                      

test several test points simultaneously, or test them individually;process can be changed flexibly. easy to operate, interface is user-friendly.