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dimensions:1.3*0.8*2.0m(l * w * h)
compatibility:standard machine for electromagnetic conversion test
efficiency:to be decided by different tests
functions:test rotation voltage and current and support multi-machine communication
maintenance:provide site training and after-sale technical support
scope:applicable to product tests for 3c industry

meet all strict parameter requirements with stable test result


the magnetic field receiving terminal rx pcb meets strict requirements for various parameters with little errors.

the dcr error of each coil is controlled within ±55mω, the acr error is controlled within 850mω, and the inductance error is controlled within ±0.7uh.

the load side current is stable at set value with extremely high resolution up to 0.000152a and the current set value ranges between 0-36a.

the measurement module features stable circuit performance with extremely high ad resolution up to 0.0000625v, and the measurement voltage ranges between 0-50v.

a single e_load power can reach up to 140w.


data storage mechanism                      

each e_load enjoys a great data storage mechanism able to store current set value, dmm voltage and current calibration compensation within corresponding eeprom ic.



solve a number of problems of this industry with several breakthroughs


with unstable ocp over-current protection circuit, the current during test will also be unstable to cause over-current protection easily. our jig can solve this problem perfectly.

the voltage and current collected by dmm are quite unstable and may even disappear sometimes, which can seriously affect the test result. our jig has stable voltage and current, with constant current fluctuation supporting a reduction to ±0.0001a (far higher than the industry level of 0.010a).

if several high-power converters were tested at the same time, heat dissipation would be the greatest challenge. however, we can solve it perfectly.


high production efficiency and convenient maintenance


stable test able to largely improve the test efficiency.

support communication test for several machines at the same time, which helps to largely improve efficiency, save space and decrease the cost of test equipment.

apply function modularization, which brings easy troubleshoot and jig maintenance